SIGS is the valued Business Partner of ARCHIBUS, the global leader in providing solutions to Real Estate, Infrastructure and Facilities Management. As the partner of ARCHIBUS, SIGS offers the complete suite of ARCHIBUS software, and total solutions including customization and integration with third party software and hardware for providing turnkey solutions to infrastructure industry.

ARCHIBUS was founded in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1982 by its current CEO, Bruce Kenneth Forbes. It is a pervasive, global provider of real-estate, infrastructure and FM solutions with a revenue exceeding $ 2.3 billion with more than 7 million users across 190 countries and in 32 languages, 50+ User groups worldwide with more than 4 million members. ARCHIBUS has a growing global network of over 160 ARCHIBUS Solution Centers and 1,700 business partners realizing $175 billion annual savings to the organizations.

ARCHIBUS Applications

SIGS offers an entire range of ARCHIBUS applications to meet the needs of various organizations, from a single user within a department to multi-users with worldwide access via the Internet.

ARCHIBUS is available and designed for each application to address specific core functions and improve overall efficiency. The solution's flexibility, and modular structure lets one to assemble the most complete combination of applications according to one's organizational requirements and budget. Data entered into these applications is automatically reflected in other relevant areas, ensuring accurate, up-to-date information. Depending on the organizations' priorities, the solutions can be implemented in a phased manner with a clear road map, so that the organization can start realizing the benefits of the implementation at the end of each phase instead of waiting for the total implementation.

Products are available to suite the various applications catering to:

Real Estate Portfolio Management Environmental & Risk Management
Portfolio Management Environmental Sustainability Assessment
Lease Administration Energy Management
Cost Administration Green Building
Cost Chargeback & Invoicing Waste Management
Portfolio Forecasting Emergency Preparedness
  Compliance Management
Capital Project Management Clean Building
Capital Budgeting Environment Health & Safety
Project Management Material Safety Data Sheets
Condition Assessment  
Commissioning Building Operations
  On Demand Work
Space Planning & Management Preventive Maintenance
Space Inventory & Performance Condition Assessment
Personnel & Occupancy Call Centre Wizard
Space Chargeback  
Strategic Master Planning Workplace Services
Move Management Service Desk
Enterprise Move Management Hoteling
  Fleet Management
Asset Management  
Asset Portal Extensions & Frameworks
Furniture & Equipment Management Overlay with Design Management for AutoCAD & Revit
Telecommunications & Cable Management Smart Client Extension for Revit
  Geospatial Extensions for ESRI
  ARCHIBUS Mobile Framework
  ARCHIBUS Performance Metrics Framework – New