SIGS having its core expertise in the infrastructure, real estate management, construction and engineering practice and strategic tie-ups with professionals with domain expertise in select industries, offers solutions in the following verticals.

- Real Estate - Infrastructure - Retail
- Technology - Manufacturing - Education

ARCHIBUS has been constantly evolving its software solutions to meet the ever demanding and growing needs of customers in the key industries. Over the last 30 years, the software has been used by more than 44,000 customers, majority of the Fortune 500 companies, with over 7 million users and managing 24 billion square feet of space in more than 20 million properties.

Real Estate

Physical assets, such as real estate, buildings, equipment and related infrastructure make up a significant percentage of an organization's total asset value. These assets must be accurately managed in order to optimize portfolio decisions, extend asset life cycles and minimize operating expenses, in addition to meeting regulatory requirements. Whether you lease or own your buildings, and even if you outsource your facility operations, you can boost profits and productivity with one integrated, comprehensive solution – ARCHIBUS.

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Information and technology companies have witnessed phenomenal growth of office space requirement and have been always tasked to accommodate growing demands within the shortest window time. Facility managers and administrative managers have often witnessed missing information due to lack of single database and work flow in space planning and forecasting, fleet management, asset management often leading to crisis management. Single data base and integrated workflow is a boon to technology companies integrating HR, IT, Facilities Managers and executive management providing transparency and data accuracy and thereby increasing the overall organization efficiency.

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Infrastructure projects include creation of physical assets, both the fixed assets as well as control systems, software required to operate, manage and monitor the systems, as well as any accessory buildings, plants or vehicles that are an essential part of the system.

Infrastructure projects have the following critical requirements which is enabled through ARCHIBUS for information sharing across the various functions:

  • Operational cost savings
  • Maximized funding and indirect cost recovery
  • Enhanced access to mission-critical information
  • Improved utilization of space and other physical assets
  • Increased productivity and better customer service
  • Increased uptime of equipment and networks

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Manufacturing companies have been early users of enterprise software for material resource planning and integrating organization wide for better information sharing and gaining operational efficiency. However it is often seen that this operational efficiency can be further improved by using ARCHIBUS application such as Green Building, Space inventory and performance and integrating with the existing enterprise software for informed decision making.

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Retailing has never been easy, especially in an age of online sales, proliferating big box stores, rising energy costs and unreliable consumer dollars. For any merchant who wants to exert pinpoint control over bricks and mortar facilities, ARCHIBUS offers a comprehensive software solution that increases margins and reduces risk. From streamlining space/ portfolio/ lease management, to improved work order processing/ environmental sustainability/strategic master planning and more.

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Maintaining safe, functional and compliant facilities and related infrastructure, while minimizing operating costs and maximizing potential reimbursement can be a difficult balancing act. Given this challenge, it is crucial to effectively track, analyse, and report facilities-related information which supports strategic decision-making. Every day, educational institutions like yours efficiently perform their core mission by using the sector's leading to integrated real estate, facilities and infrastructure management solution - ARCHIBUS.

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